behavior pedagogy through material (object) experience. gnosis at its source.

partnership with mk.ultra happens through our open line of communication. what we have to offer is based solely on the grounds of survival+etiquette (& the contradictions that could appear while maintaining both with balance), connections with nativity (in the context of birth-rite), jurisdiction, wit, critical thinking, cultivation & self-defense. each individual product is one that has been carefully provisioned before presenting to the public while r/d is on-going.

primarily the relationships involve exploration & travel to carefully curate pieces which collectively resonate intercontinental frequencies.


a selection of culture, art, tradition & current reality from a global perspective. through direct communication with our partners, discourse allows for close-knit seamless production in the process of creating idiosyncratic products.


with environment in mind, our intent while establishing venue, is to present rarity, which alters these items & in return yields talismans. hybridization is essential in a society where value & quality are not (always) in the same language let alone conversation. price-point is often coupled with hierarchy w/o explanation & worth is almost non-existent as if the extremities of capitalism blind individual choice. we seek to remedy these conditions.


our endemic research has resulted in collaborative fashion projects, printed publications, music productions, community development, propaganda & media related to our network of private brands. the organic process of working with omni-disciplined creatives brings into existence a diverse catalog.